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Danny Māhealani

"Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle."

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Name:Danny Māhealani
Birthdate:Jun 18
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:@ beaconhillshigh

According to Stiles Stilinski, everybody likes Danny. He is Jackson Whittemore’s best friend and a fellow Lacrosse player for Beacon Hills Cyclones with Scott, Stiles, Isaac and Jackson. Danny often tries to be a calming force to Jackson's high strung personality. He is number 6 on the team and plays goalie. Danny is openly gay, a previous running joke with Stiles wondering aloud and then directly asking if Danny thought he was attractive. He once got arrested when he was 13 for cybercrime, but the charges were dropped. He was also born with a genetic defect where his cartilage was misshapen. He had a bar put in his body at 14 to support his sternum so his heart and lungs wouldn't be crushed. The bar was in for two years and removed very recently. He shares many of his classes with members of Scott's pack, namely, Homeroom with Lydia, Chemistry with Scott, Stiles and Jackson, and Physics with Scott and Isaac. He also takes art and music, where he plays the trumpet.

He has had a few longer-term relationships in recent years, taking bis boyfriend to prom only to suffer a break-up with him with which he had a rebound fling. He then went on to date Ethan, and alpha werewolf with a twin brother, Aiden, however Danny recently broke up with Ethan after knowing about werewolves for some months after Jackson revealed himself as one to his best friend. Danny broke up with Ethan, unsure if he could handle dating a werewolf.

Danny is Hawaiian and his surname - Māhealani - is a portmanteau combining the words māhea, meaning haze and Lani which can mean sky. It also originates from the sixteenth day of the month in the old Hawaiian calendar; the day when the full moon begins to lose its roundness; also called Malani.

Bio info from Danny's wikis, HERE and HERE.
Beyond Teen Wolf, Danny's sole universe is beaconhillshigh.

DISCLAIMER: Danny Māhealani is a character from the TV Show, Teen Wolf. He exists here in muse form for RP and muse writing purposes only. No profit is being made, no infringement intended. Sheriff and Teen Wolf are the creation of Jeff Davis, and owned by Jeff Davis and TV network, MTV. Danny is played by actor, Keahu Kahuanui. This journal has no affiliation to Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, MTV or Keahu Kahuanui.

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